Why You Need to Be in a Go Group, Part 3

I’m continuing the series of articles on why you need to be part of a Go Group.  I’m writing these articles to encourage you to gt involved in our All IN event, Making Change, in August. Here are five more reasons why you need to be part of Go Group.

  1. Participating in Go Group will help you have a better prayer life. When you pray together you will learn form others how to pray.  When others pray for your concerns and needs you will be encouraged in your faith.
  2. You will feel more connected to the church family. In a Go Group you go beyond the Sunday morning friendly conversation to spending some time with people you learn to love like Jesus loved you, and being loved back like Jesus loved them.  You will experience what the church calls fellowship- which is a bunch of fellows on a ship going in the same direction.
  3. You will stretch your faith. One of the ways God uses Go Groups is during the conversation someone will do something, say something, or tell a story that will challenge your faith in a way that you haven’t thought of before.
  4. You will help the church create momentum. When the entire church is growing in the same direction you create synergy, the collective potential that will move our church forward.  We will have a shared experience.
  5. You will be more likely to apply your faith. It’s one thing to hear it in a sermon, it’s another to do it.  It’s totally up to you whether you do it or not, and hardly anyone will know the difference.  When you talk about the sermon in your Go Group you will be more likely to apply God’s truth to your life.  You are doing life with other people.  This make a difference.  This helps hold you accountable the calling you have received in Jesus.

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