Why Should You be Part of a Go Group? Part 2.

Every disciple needs to be part of a group with the appropriate mix of inviting and challenging you to follow Jesus.  Jesus’ did this with own “Go Group,” the twelve disciples.

In Matthew 16:17-18 you see Jesus affirming Peter.  After Peter confesses his belief Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus affirms his faith and invites him even closer by saying he will give him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Later on, after Peter expresses doubt Jesus’ plan to die on the cross, Jesus challenges him, telling him, “You are a stumbling block to me.”  Matthew 16:23  Jesus, time and again, invited people to follow him while directly challenging behaviors that were wrong or unhealthy.

For us to be successful disciples of Jesus we need this same dynamic.  An old preacher saying is a good sermon comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.  It’s true.  You need to be in a Go Group.  A safe place where you are encouraged and challenged to grow and become more like Jesus.


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