Some C O L L E C T I V E Thoughts

C3 Collective

On Saturday, July 8, we are holding our first COLLECTIVE event (7-9 PM on church land)  featuring worship, testimonies, and prayer.  I’m looking forward to it and encourage you to come out!  When you come tomorrow night come with these four game changers on your mind and heart.

  1. Come ready to participate, sing, raise hands, share, and pray.
  2. Come with an expectation God keeps his promises.  He promises when we lift him up he will draw us to him.
  3. Count Your Blessings.  Our excitement doesn’t come from our surroundings as much as the joy of the Lord living within us.  When you come to worship count your blessings and be excited to worship the God who gave you those blessings.
  4. Don’t give God a little bit or what’s left over.  God is honored when we give him our best.

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