Why Should I Be Part of a Go Group? Part 1.

Discipleship always happens best in the context of personal relationships.

We may hear a challenging sermon on Sunday morning, or hear a song that inspires us, but we have the ability not to do anything about it.  Just because someone preached on forgiveness doesn’t mean anyone is holding us accountable to forgive people in the next week.  If I decide not to do it, no one will know or say anything.  The result is we live a comfortable Christianity with a faceless faith.   We just take or leave God.  We live a cheap grace that belittles the cost Jesus took on our behalf.

It’s when we are involved in personal relationships with other disciples, with the same aim of helping each other grow in Christ, where we can grow in our faith.  It’s in our relationships with each other, formed in our Go Groups, where the skills of discipleship are honed and sharpened in a context of encouragement.  This is why you need to be part of a Go Group.


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