C3’s Mission is People

“We live in a world where we use people and appreciate things when God calls on us to use things and appreciate people.”  – Dave Stone

The mission of C3 is not a building.  A building is nothing but a tool to achieve our vision.  Our vision is not a state of the art sound system, or a Disney-esque themed children’s area.  If we did have those things they would be tools to help achieve our mission.

Our mission is people.  We want to guide everyone in a growing relationship with Jesus.  Success for us is when disciples of Christ are making more disciples.  Our “Raise the Bar” vision seeks to help us accomplish the mission.  We want to increase the level of passion in our church family to be more like Jesus, we want to use our resources to help make this happen, and we want to emphasize serving because those who serve in the name of Jesus tend to grow in Jesus.

As a part of our mission we want everyone in our church family to go through a study together, Making Changes, during the month of August.  It is a four-week study on what the Bible teaches on the connection between your spirituality and stuff.  Be on the lookout for info during the month of July.


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