Sow Everywhere

Francis Chan mentions in his book, Crazy Love, how he grew up singing the song, “Jesus Loves Me.”  Most of you reading this know how the first line, “Jesus loves me,” and the second, “For the Bible tells me so.”

If you’ve spent any time at church you know God loves you.  And of course, if God loves you, the implicit conclusion is God loves everybody.

When Jesus spoke about sowing the seed in his parable of the soils he talks about the seed being sown on all types of soil.  The initial point is God’s love is freely given to everyone.  Jesus said at another time, “He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous.”  Matthew 5:45 (NIV)

This is why at Celebration we say, “Come as you are.”  One of the revolutions the early church brought to Roman culture was all people, regardless of race, class, wealth, gender, child or adult, were welcome to God’s invitation of love and truth.  When you look at the churches in Philippi, Ephesus, and Corinth you discover all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds experiencing and living out the love of God through Christ.

At Celebration, we seek to do the same.  We desire to guide everyone in a growing relationship with Jesus.  It just isn’t “Jesus loves me” and other people like me.  It’s Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you and you and you to every last person is in the family of God.

The seed is sown on all soils.  The sun and rain fall on everyone.  God’s love is freely given to everyone.


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