3 Times in a Person’s Life When They May Be Open to the Gospel

When is a good time to invite a friend or neighbor to C3?

Anytime is a good time, but there are three times in a person’s life they may be more open to your invitation.

  1. When something is missing. People can feel empty for various reasons, after a failure, a loss of a loved, or the loss of a job, or even a spouse.  Don’t be manipulative, just invite them to church or offer to pray with them.  Why?  Jesus is the only one who can fill that empty space.
  2. When something is broken. Unraveling jobs, broken marriages, wayward children, haunting addictions, all can live underneath the radar, yet they are there.  Inviting someone to church can provide that persona restorative atmosphere where they can find hope and healing for their soul.
  3. When something is new. New babies, new marriage, new job, are all awesome events in a person’s life that can help them be open to the Gospel.  Inviting someone to church can help someone have the wisdom to navigate the questions and concerns that will come up as they face this new challenge.

Who around you fit into these three categories?  How can you make a difference for the Gospel?


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