Easter isn’t done yet!

The last two week’s at C3 have been awesome, and we have one more to go!  First, we had Passion Sunday where we honored the death of Jesus, then the egg hunt this past Saturday (with 12,000 eggs no less!), then yesterday was Easter and we celebrated the resurrection and the defeat of death!  This coming Sunday is our baptism Sunday, and Lord willing, we will have people place their faith n Jesus and be baptized into his death and resurrection!

Our goal, our vision, our mission is one statement, we want to guide people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Why are we passionate about this?  Simple, your Heavenly father is passionate about seeing you grow up!  Any good Father desires to see his children grow up to be wise, good, and mature.  Your Heavenly Father, who loves you so much more than an earthly father, is the same.  He wants to see you grow from a dependence on him to helping others depend on him- a disciple making a disciple.

Will you pray for our Baptism service Sunday?  Pray people will respond.  Pray the waters will be stirred.  Pray the Holy Spirit will move in people’s hearts so they repent, turn to God in faith, and be baptized in his name.


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