Grand Opening is an Opportunity for Something Greater

On March 19th we are having our Grand Opening of our new remodeled worship area at the Y.  My prayer is we leverage this opportunity to have a grand Opening of our hearts to God and his purpose for our lives and church family.

What grand openings could God be laying before us? What grand openings is God opening up in our hearts and minds?  God’s spirit is moving with power among us.  He is showing up and pouring his power in to us.  Here are some suggestions to catch this wave of God.

  1. Let go of the assumptions for what you believe is an acceptable move of God.
  2. Pray with an open heart, asking God to point our sin and shame.
  3. Repent and confess your sin,  Ask Jesus for forgiveness.
  4. Fast.  Drop your “fork” and recognize God can revive anyone.
  5. Seek him at worship.  Not just an experience of him, but him.  This is worship.
  6. Watch for God, be on the lookout, for God to show up and work.  It is his desire to save as many who will hear.
  7. Practice discernment and guard against a counterfeit revival.
  8. Love the lost, the last, and the least and adopt a Jesus ministry to the broken.  Let us love the world as much as God loves the world. (John 3:16)
  9. Grow deeper, broader, closer, and stronger even as we grow bigger.
  10. Give all glory, honor, and praise to God.

God is absolutely doing an amazing work with us.  He is empowering you by his Spirit to share the Gospel in your community in surprising and innovative ways.  Let us seek revival together.


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