5 Surprising Ways You Can Reach Others with Jesus’ Message

  1. Speak of your passion. Don’t worry about being polished.  In this world of cell phones, tablets, and trumped up Facebook posts, authenticity is increasingly becoming a valuable commodity.
  2. Be specific about your faith in Jesus. Saying God without reference to God in the Bible can mean too many things in our culture.  The more you talk about Jesus and the Holy Spit the clearer you will be about your faith.
  3. Talk about how your faith is progressing, not how it is finished.  All Christians are growing in their understanding and execution of their faith.  Paul talks about working out your salvation.  Share your faith in these terms.  If you say your faith as a list of answers you discount the relational aspect of our faith and build a house of cards that easily falls.
  4. Act on your faith. Quit waiting to feel comfortable.  Stop expecting God to set the table for you.  Act on what God has told you to do.  Let people see the grace of Jesus from you so that they will want to know the truth of Jesus in you.
  5. Focus on mission over comfort. The disciples did not wait for perfect conditions to share their faith.  All they needed was a prompting of the Holy Spirit and thus acted.

What about you?  How have you been successful at sharing the message of Jesus with someone?


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