Top 10 quotes NOT in message on passionate worship.

  1. In genuine worship God’s presence is felt, God’s pardon is offered, God’s purposes are revealed, and God’s power is displayed.
  2. Half-hearted repentance leads to half-hearted love for Jesus.
  3. Going part of the way doesn’t get you all the way with Jesus.
  4. Downplaying your sin downplays His grace.  It dishonors the sacrifice of the Sinless One.
  5. Half-hearted worship comes from half-hearted openness to God.
  6.  We don’t want our worship to memorable to us.  We want it to be memorable to God!
  7. In passionate worship we feel the power and presence of our Savior who doesn’t treat us based on our sin, but on our future with him; not something to live down to, but something to live up to; not written off, but written in the book of life; not sinner, but child of God; not given up on, but given a second chance.
  8. In worship Jesus doesn’t have time for religious protocols.  They mean nothing to him.  If it did Jesus would have chosen the Pharisees over this woman, tax collectors, and fisherman.
  9. Worship exalts God- and God alone.
  10. It is said that everyone worships something, it’s just a matter of whom or what.

Plus one that made it:  As a mission partner of C3 I will worship weekly.


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