Top 10 Quotes from the Value in Values

  1. The values of C3 are the importance our church attaches to something that serves as an influence and a guide in our churches life.
  2. Our church has 5 core documents: Our by-laws, Beliefs, Mission, Vision, and Values.
  3. Values are what make us distinctive in the community of Suffolk and in the Kingdom of God.
  4. Values are like glue.  They hold us together.
  5. Values are like a foundation.  They give us common footing.
  6. Values are like a scoreboard.  They set the standard.
  7. Values are like a compass.  They give guidance and direction.
  8. Values are like a magnet. They attract like minded people.
  9. Just like the 10 commandments gave the Israelite nation an identity so to our values give us an identity as a church family.
  10. The first challenge we face is knowing our values.
  11. If we want our church better now then we better start doing something better now.

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