The Value in Values

Message Outline from 9/25/2016


  • New Series: All IN / Values
    • Transparent / Elders / Collected Dust
    • Why talk about them
  • We have personal values
    • Values help you determine what is important >> decisions >> behavior.
    • ILL: Athletes taking a knee at the national anthem.
    • ILL: Me holding Lisa’s hand on a first date..
    • A personal value is the importance you attach to something that serves as an influence and a guide in your behavior.
  • What does that have to do with church?
    • Every church has its own set of values- written or unwritten
    • ILL: Hamburgers
    • Years ago we chose to be intentional- don’t leave to chance. (Bible)
    • Values that reached the lost and encouraged the family of God.
    • The values of C3 are the importance our church attaches to something that serves as an influence and a guide in our church’s life.
  • 5 core documents
    • By-laws- legal requirements
    • The rock (what we stand on)>> Beliefs. (Cannot change)
    • The eyes = vision: RtB: To see a permanent building filled with disciples of Jesus.
    • Heart = Mission: WE exist to guide everyone in a growing relationship with Jesus.
    • Values = Behaviors. (Hamburgers) 


  • They are useless sitting on a shelf as a document of the church.
  • The value of values is it gives us all something in common.
    • Spiritual growth requires being connected to the church.
    • The RtB vision needs values to make it successful.
      • W/o it everyone has their own ideas- often competing ones.
      • The result is chaos, fighting for influence, and the church community breaks down.
      • Biggest loser: Us- we quit growing in Christ. We become a divided church.  A dying world who doesn’t know Jesus.  No one wins.
    • Danny- pull in the same direction. <>


  • Glue- They hold us together.
    • If we don’t live them out when times are tough.. small
    • Planned this series over a year ago <tough summer>
  • Good Foundation- They give us footing
    • New country – common, new friend- common
    • Church values give us something in common
    • Makes church life easier
  • Scoreboard- They set the standard
    • Values are key behaviors
    • ILL: I will worship weekly (Passionate Worship)
  • Compass- direction and guidance
    • Honest compass that informs our decisions.
    • No matter the challenge we face <> we can be confident we are going in the right direction.
  • Magnet- They attract like minded people
    • 14 years ago some likeminded ppl got together
      • Loves, planned, enjoyed, sacrificed
      • We carry their vision and values forward.
      • Elisha >> Elijah (double portion)


  • Right, our values reflect our core belief- The Bible is the final authority
  • Values in the Bible- 10 commandments. <>
    • First Four:
      • No other gods before me.
      • Do not make or worship idols.
      • Do not misuse the name of the Lord.
      • Remember the Sabbath Day
      • Value: God is first and foremost
    • The other six
      • Honor Mom and Dad. The value of family.
      • You shall not murder. The value of life.
      • You shall commit adultery. The value of marriage.
      • You shall not steal. Honor each other’s property.
      • You shall not give false testimony. The value of honesty.
      • You shall not covet. The value of contentment.
    • Light of God to the nations. Other nations did not share these values.
  • Just as the Ten Commandments gave the Israelites an identity among the nations, so to our values gives us an identity in Suffolk (other churches too).
    • Identity happens when values align with decisions then behavior.
    • Values – behavior = dissatisfied church
    • Values + behavior = momentum


  • We have not consistently done them- so reorienting will be a challenge.
  • Four challenges:
    • Know the values that should be embraced.
    • Live the values.
    • Communicate the values to each other. We just don’t depend on the staff or leaders.  We all take ownership.
    • Buy-in to the values by our aligned behavior of our mission partners. By the way this begins with how the Elders and staff make decisions.
  • Do the first two so the next two can happen.


  • Proverb 25:4-5. “Remove the impurities from silver, and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith.”  <>
  • If we want our church to be better than it is now, then we better start doing something better now.
  • We can’t ask God to do something new if we’re committed to doing the same old thing!
  • What are our values? com
  • Closing story: Joshua Chamberlain
    • Colonel of the 20th Main Volunteer Regiment, Union Army
    • July 2, 1863 300 soldiers vs. 4000 confederates
      • Charged Joshua men, after 4xs down to 80 men and 80 bullets
      • No reinforcements coming, a fifth charge coming
      • He yelled charge!
      • Caught the confederates off guard and captured then im 5 minutes.
    • Scholars said this gave the union the high ground and the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • APP: He did a small thing at the right time. Values are the same <>
  • And I’ve learned, and as Mark Batterson so quaintly stated, that in the eyes of God, little things are big things. And if we do the little things like they are big things, then God will do big things like they are little things. This is how the Kingdom of God advances.  Going all in means we do the little things so the God can do the big things like little things.

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