My Go Group Last Night Talked about Values and This is What Happened

This past Sunday night in the Go Group I am a part of, we talked about the message given about the value in values.  In our conversation someone said that in my message I noted how our church grew and flourished the first few years I was here but has become stagnant the last few years.  The question was asked, “What was our church doing then that we are not doing now?”  I thought that was a good question.  In the midst of the conversation I realized the answer.  We were practicing our values.

We were having passionate worship.  Not because of a certain style, but because hearts were praying and open to God moving among us.  We were excited about making the Bible relevant in our life in home life groups (what we call Go Groups now).  We repeatedly said, “Come as you are” because we believed in real relationships.  No fake Christian subculture.   We believed in doing our best in following the the church in Acts- who went full tilt in sharing the Gospel with a dying world and loving one another.  We influenced others for good not just in doing good deeds in the community, but also inviting others into the good that is the family of God and our church.  We demonstrated faith-full leadership by developing new leaders, purchasing land for a home, and leading others into baptism and life of discipleship with Jesus.

In short we simply we did what God blesses.  As I said in my message, as a leadership we have wandered from making sure we are practicing our values.  This series is a first step in correcting this slipup.  This is why I am excited about these messages on our values.  If we want our church to be blessed by God then we do what God blesses.  If we want our church to be better now, then we better start doing something now.


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