Top Ten Quotes from Walls Part 2


  1. Your wall comes down when your obedience intersects with God’s faithfulness.
  2. Obedience is a holy anticipation towards God’s faithfulness.
  3. Don’t treat your faith like a sitcom on TV.
  4. God told Joshua to “see” Jericho delivered to him before the walls came down.
  5. When it comes to your wall what do you see?  What does God see?
  6. “So” means Joshua did what God commanded.
  7. God is on God’s side and he will bring the wall down on His timing and His vision.
  8. Most people don’t ruin their life. They waste their life.  Jesus calls on us to lose our life.
  9. Jesus took your shame and suffered for it on the cross.
  10. When your faith crosses with God’s faithfulness on the cross you are forgiven.  And God waits in holy anticipation for everyone to turn to him.

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