Why These Statements Matter at C3

Lately, we have been talking a lot about mission, vision, and values here at C3.  Why?  These statements define who we are and inform the decisions we make.  At c3, we have four guiding statements about our church family.

  1. Our Purpose/Mission Statement defines why we exist. C3 exists to guide everyone into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Our Vision Statement defines what we intend to do. At C3 our vision is to Raise the “BAR” by 2021.  To find out what raising the BAR is going accomplish click here: http://c3suffolk.com/#/whats-happening/raise-the-bar
  3. Our Faith Statement defines what we believe about the Bible, the church, God, and Jesus. You can find our faith statement at http://c3suffolk.com/#/about-us/our-beliefs
  4. Our Values Statement defines what we practice. The values of our church are listed here: http://c3suffolk.com/#/about-us/church-overview

The reason these statements are important is they are what bind us together as a church family.  It is because of these statements that we belong together.  They tell us why we need each other.  We are connected, joined together as part of God’s family.  We are together to help each other be more like Jesus and to share his grace with the world!


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