What Guides Our Decision Making a C3?

In our June 12th worship service Chris Ringler, the leader of the „B“ (Be the church) in our Raise the BAR campiagn commented on the results of the spiritual survey he took a few weeks ago.He did a great job of explainng hte results  and showing a way forward to help us be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

One „behind the scenes“ issue that was discussed going into the formation of this survey was the values of our church.  The values of our church is what guides our decisinmaking in how we decide to move forward.  The survey itself was based onthese 6 values.  I thought it wise to list these values here- since they are influential in our way forward and also can inform yur decision making concerning our church family.


  • Passionate Worship: We desire to create an environment where the Holy Spirt can operate freely.


  • Relevant Bible Teaching: The Bible is taught with relevant and meaningful methods.


  • Real Relationships: We intentionally set up environments where authentic relationships can take place.


  • Dedication to an “Acts” Church. We look to model our church after the church modeled in the book of Acts.


  • Influencing Others for Good. We seek opportunities to do good in the community in Jesus’ name. We don’t want to be the best church in the community, but the best church for the community.


  • Faith-Full Leadership. We develop leadership that has great faith in God and full of the Holy Spirit.


Please rememebr these values as we move forward in campaign to Raise the BAR.


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