Inside Stuff

Word on the Street (Message from 5/16/2016)


  • Good morning / In between message Series
  • Take some time to share with you the latest word on what God is doing at C3
  • Not a typical message with lots of scripture.

Section 1: Raise the BAR

  • I want to bring some clarity to some of our basic statements about our church. <>
  • Over the years we have said the same thing a lot of different ways. From now on we want to say it the same way every time. So this is it.  This is also up on our web site.
    • Mission: We want to guide everyone in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Strategy: We seek to do this by partnering with each other to create inspiring worship, healthy spiritual relationships, and serving the community for God’s glory.
    • Vision: Raise the BAR
      • What we expect to accomplish by 2021 (if not sooner, right?)
        • Be the Church: Mature Christian defined- Constantly growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God, connected to a church family, serving others for God’s glory, and reproducing their faith in someone else.
          • We are looking to do this primarily through our Go Groups and Seminars
        • Activate a New Campus: With urgency and passion we seek a new home.
          • Problem: We do not know exactly where this new home will be or what it looks like.
          • The purpose is to have a more available place to help people grow, serve others, and make new disciples by baptizing them and teaching them.
        • Reach into the Community: Jesus has called us to share his love by meeting people’s needs.
          • Tier 1: Church wide
          • Tier 2: Community Wide
          • Assist Go Group with local opportunities
        • Prayer: We must come together and pray!
          • This will not happen without prayer
          • We must profess our faith to God.
        • This is not a project, but faith in Action, “I will show you my faith by my good deeds.” James 2:18
        • I believe this is a God ordained vision <Dream Project>
          • Attitude of pioneer church planter
          • A guy who raises $200,000 and says through God’s power we will have a self-sustaining church family in two years.
          • Pray right now!




Section 2: Stories of God moving

  • Julie and Chris and hospital issues.
    • Chris’s job has fallen on hard times- missed several salary checks
      • As you can imagine money is tight
      • Family stressed out, but they still tithed
    • Jaylen, their son, had to have surgery on his thumb.
      • They owed around $2000
      • Hospital called to say if they paid half of it they would get a 25% discount
      • Julie expressed they could not do it because of their financial situation.
      • Lady on the phone said hold on.
      • Came back and said the hospital would write it off. They owed nothing!
    • Lisa and Surgery bills
      • 1st surgery: $100 copay
      • 2nd Surgery: $634
        • God let me sell some paintings
        • Had cash available I didn’t expect to have- how’d that math work?
      • 3rd surgery:
        • Expecting like the last surgery
        • $100 copay
        • The lady at the hospital was stumped.
        • I just said “Praise the Lord!”
      • Even though God was awesome in those stories, this last one is the best. The baptism of Grayson.

Section 3: Grayson getting baptized.

  • Show video

Conclusion: My dream

  • It is my dream every mission partner of our church will get to baptize someone they love into Jesus Christ.
  • As we come to a close and if you are a mission partner can you think of one person who needs to take that next step to follow Jesus? <>
  • If you are here and do not have a relationship with Jesus, pray for you, etc.
  • Come together in the middle and pray.

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