A Thank You Note from Across the World

In the worship service this past Sunday we played a video of the missionaries we support in Indonesia, Shaun and MaryAnn Cooper.  This past Christmas we took up a special “extra” Christmas bonus for them.  Due the some constraints they just recently received our Christmas gift and sent us this thank you note.

Dear Celebration,

Thank you for the special offering you took up for our family.  What a blessing!  We are encouraged by our partnership with Celebration.  We are reminded so often that it takes the whole church to preach the gospel to the whole world.  Our ministry is reaping the blessing of your support.  Thank you.  We could not do the work we have been called to do without Celebration’s support.

Please keep praying for our family to be salt and light here in Southeast Asia.  Pray that we will be bold and courageous in sharing the hope that we have.

We pray for Celebration, too.  We pray that the Lord will bless you with spiritual blessings and equip you with Fruits of the Spirit.  We also pray that Celebration will continue to carry out the Great Commission just as Christ commanded.

Thank you again,


Shaun, Mary Ann, Camden, and Nolan Cooper


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