This One Prayer Will Help You Achieve the Three Essential Teachings of Jesus

It seems like over the years, churches have formed all kinds of discipleship systems.  They seek to provide a step-by step guide in how to grow in your faith.  We have such a guide here and it describes how a person’s faith will grow from being a babe in Christ to an adult in Christ.  There are literally hundreds of these systems drawn up from all over the place.  These systems can be very helpful and useful, but they are not perfect, because discipleship isn’t a system, it is a relationship.  You can follow the system and pray every day, read your Bible, attend church faithfully, and witness to others, and still ignore your relationship with Jesus.

A relationship with Jesus is first of all organic (which is why I like out babe to adult discipleship analogy in our “system.”).  It is full of life including the gut wrenching lows and sky high joys. You never “arrive” at discipleship.  It is not something you conquer and get a diploma.  You live it.  No matter the process, a system of discipleship should have this at its core- Jesus.  We don’t need more rules- we need Jesus.  We are desperate for him and we need more of his love flowing through us.  No “system” of discipleship will replace Jesus.

This is one of the really cool results when you start to genuinely praying for one person to come to Jesus.  Discipleship just starts to happen.   You will give birth to the three actions that are commanded in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission: Love God, Love People, and Reproduce Spiritually.  All of this growth towards God when you simply decide to ask God to give one person to share his love with.



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