I Was Surprised When I Experienced This Part of Faith

We live in a consuming culture.  This is why business’s call customers, consumers.  We consume their products.

What many Christians don’t realize is Christianity is a consuming process, but it’s in reverse.  It’s about Jesus consuming our life.

Jesus invites you to follow him with every fiber of your being, every second of your day.  Jesus will not be a sometimes Lord, or a partial Lord, or a convenient God. Jesus is Lord.  All will be consumed by his glory.

Is Jesus really the Lord of your life?  Have you fully surrendered your life to him?  Are you consumed heart, body and soul by him?

Often times, as a Christian, you can replace being consumed by God with being consumed by church.  When you come to church you are serving all the time and the time spent on church is time spent on the things of God and God himself.  If your heart is not consumed by God, then your service will always take something from you instead of replenishing you.  You have to have God going in as well as God going out.

The surprising part of being consumed by God?  I had to let God consume what I liked about myself, not just the bad stuff, the good stuff, so that I could fully know him.  You cannot love without giving and when challenged to love God with everything I’ve got it was a revelation to know that meant giving God the good stuff too.  God will not be in second place.


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