I Have Started Praying for One and This is Happening

I used to believe that growing spiritually meant reading my Bible and praying every day and going to church regularly.  I thought I was following Jesus.

Praying for one has changed that prescription of discipleship.

The general thinking is the more I learn the more I will be like Jesus.  The problem is practical experience doesn’t bear this out.  I have known too many Christians over the years that could argue doctrine, talk about how much they love the Bible, and how the church family is there for them, but still be some of the cruelest and out of touch people I have ever known.  They know about faith, hope, and love- but it hasn’t changed their life.

Praying to God and asking him for one person to lead to Jesus has changed my attitude.  I cannot replace following the Bible with following Jesus.  I must consider Jesus and how he lived the words of the Bible first and apply that to my life.  And when I apply the metric into my life I see Jesus being with God, loving people, and seeking and serving the lost.  Those three marks is what makes a mature Christian, and a mature church family.


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