All Christians Start Out This Way

Today I want to share something I read from Bo Chauncey’s Book, Pray for One.

“Everyone who receives the good news of Jesus starts out the same.  We want to share his extraordinary love with others.  We want more people in the Kingdom of Heaven, but then something happens.  We hit a snag.  There is a bump in the road.  There’s push back and spiritual attack.  Without realizing it, we adjust our aim and shoot for something with less resistance.

These new goals and objectives are usually good and even noble.  They are easy to support from scripture.  Churchy people like the sound of them and eagerly nod their approval.  They gain traction and produce a minor spark of life and hope.

The problem with these new goals is they are not what Jesus called us to do.   We share in his mission, and when Jesus was asked what he came here to do, He did not mince any words.  Jesus said the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.  So if a church is not seeking and saving the lost, it is not fulfilling the mission of Jesus and, by definition, is not a church.”


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