The First Step in “Praying for One” this Easter is not what you think.

“I have confession to make.” – Foo Fighters

I always thought the first step to telling others about Jesus was finding someone to tell about Jesus.

It’s not.

The first thing I need to do is confess to God my desire to reach one for Jesus.

After all, I am encouraging you to “Pray for One” this Easter.  So we start ourprayer with a confession.

We need to bombard the throne of God asking to “give me one.”  Bo Chancey, minister in New Hampshire and a champion of praying for one, writes, “Just ask God to give you one person to share God’s love with. Pray that he would place someone, anyone, in your path to share the Gospel with.  As often as you pray, pray for one.” Drive God crazy with passionate pleas for one.  Approach God with the confidence that you are requesting the expressed will of Christ.

When you pray for one not one day is wasted.


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