Don’t Overlook this Powerful Tool in Your Prayer Life

Outline for Feb. 14th Message- Kirk


  • What a great day / today overlooked prayer / weak <>
  • Ending service differently / “Going to like it”
    • Out / not up here, stage > heart, hearts on display, concerned about humanity and the cause of Christ
  • 21 Day Challenge a Blessing
  • Why do you pray?
    • Overlooked part of prayer > contributes to weakness <>
    • Purpose of 21 Days was not to get God to do something for us <>
    • The purpose was to prepare our hearts and wills for God to do something through us.
      • Faith without deeds is dead.
    • My hope and vision for us in 2016 is to be a church family lets God work mightily through us.
    • Why do you pray?
    • Most prayers fall into four categories: Comfort, Guidance, Strength, Healing <>
    • Nothing wrong <>
    • But what would your prayer life look like without these four categories?
    • Familiar scripture if you have been a Christian awhile, but we miss the obvious point.


  • Ephesians 6:10-20
  • Background (Location, Acts)
  • He closes the letter to this little church about prayer, and makes an obvious point.
  • Read Ephesians 6:10-20
    • 10-17: Spiritual Warfare; 18: Church family; 19: for Paul
  • What is the obvious lesson? When…
    • When do you put on the armor? Before the battle <time to dress>
    • When do we pray for each other “with this in mind”
    • When do we pray for fearlessness to share Jesus? B4 you have the opportunity. <>
  • What’s overlooked: Prayer as preparation. <>
  • Takeaway: Prepare in prayer so you can stand to power.


  • The secret to a great Xian life is the prayer before the moment.
    • Grows faith through catalytic moments (Bible examples)                                         < APP: stage of life, crisis>
    • Are you prepared for those moments?
      • ILL: RtB campaign- Will we have prepared ourselves in prayer to act on faith?
      • Are we ready to be Kingdom workers and not just community volunteers?
    • Life Application
      • Single- Is he/she the one?
      • Future- Graduating from High School
      • Giving to God- <>
      • Marriage- are you equipping your marriage with the armor of God for when Satan sends in his darts to destroy it?
      • What area of your life do you need to prepare in prayer?
    • When you choose to prepare in prayer you receive a whole chunk of benefits from God: more buy-in into God’s power instead of yours; you gain a Godly perspective on your circumstance; you increase your influence for Godliness in your world; you grow your trust in God; you are not blindsided by the devil’s schemes.
    • Prepare by prayer to stand in power.
    • Ending service with prayer today.




  • Prepare by prayer to stand to power.
    • Take a stand against the devil’s schemes.
    • Pray in the Spirit will all kinds of requests.
    • Pray for C3 and fellow Christians
    • Pray you will share Jesus fearlessly


PRAY: Mikaela



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