Here are 7 Motivational Quotes on Prayer to Encourage You

“Too often we see prayer as a last resort rather then our first thought.  People will say, “I guess all we can do now is pray” like that is the last, horrible thing to do.  And your friend says, “Has it come to that?!?!  Is it so hopeless all we can do is pray?”  – Rick Warren

“You can worry and do nothing or pray and let God do something.”  – Kirk Dice

After the World Trade Center fell in New York Larry King asked a rescue worker, “I guess we are going to have to resort to prayer?”  But prayer is not our last resort. It is our first choice.”  – Rick Warren

Prayer will give the striking blow.  Our service will reap the benefits,”  – Anonymous

“When our prayer is God centered, God reveals himself and his heart to see.  God can work through the prayer lives of his people to make himself known.  And when he does he is glorified!” -Henry Blackaby

“if Jesus was convinced that his own life and ministry depended upon his prayer life with the Father, we as well must set our heats to maintain uninterrupted time in prayer with the Lord, for this is the key not only to ministry and life but to our very life as God intends it.”  Henry Blackaby (Italics mine)

“Instead of praying, “Forgive me,” pray, “thank you for forgiving me.”  Instead of, “Bless me,” pray, “let us bless you.”  Instead of “Lord, be with us,” pray, “Lord, live through me.”  Instead of, “Protect us,” pray, “use me.”” – Louie Giglio


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