Here’s what you need to know about praying persistently.

Here are my notes from Paul’s message Sunday.  Paul stepped in and preached for me because I attended a family funeral in Indiana this past week.  So he had short notice in preparing this message.  Thanks for stepping in Paul!  You are awesome!

Speaker: Paul Vaughan

Scripture: Luke 11:1-13


  • Prayer comes naturally to 3 people
    • Jesus
    • Adam
    • Eve
      • Before the fall
    • Prayer is a learned skill. It does not come naturally to us.

3 Directives to have Persistent Prayer

  1. Pray with Boldness, Luke 11:5-8
    1. Boldness def.: Persistence
      1. Be specific in your prayer requests
      2. Be persistent.
    2. “Your request might be right and the timing right but you may not be right.”
  2. Pray for an Action Plan, Luke 11:9-10
    1. Ask, Seek, Knock, are all action verbs.
    2. Prayer is not a passive exercise.
    3. 3 steps to getting your prayers answered.
      1. Ask:
        1. You do not have because you do not ask. James, the brother of Jesus
        2. Asking acknowledges our dependence n God.
      2. Seek his answer / will.
        1. Seek def.: Search
        2. The purpose of prayer is not to bend God to your will, but to bend yours to his.
      3. Knock on many doors.
  1. Pray according to God’s Goodwill, Luke 11:11-13
    1. Notice God gives the Holy Spirit, not our desires.
    2. God meets physical needs and God meets spiritual needs, but the Holy spirit meets our deepest need.

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