Why Football Sunday Matters Even if You are not a Football Fan

Super Bowl 50 is coming up on February 7th and on that Sunday morning we are holding Football Sunday!  This is a great Sunday to invite your friends and family to have some fun at church.  That’s right, it’s ok to have fun at church.  Think of this Sunday as a tailgate party plus worship experience equaling awesomeness.

However, I know not everyone is a football fan, and if you are one of those people, here is why this Sunday is important to you.

  1. You are going to have fun and smile. For some reason we associate church services with boredom and frowns and not the joy and gladness that God so richly affords!  So if you like to have fun this Sunday is for you.
  2. You will be encouraged to stand tall in your faith. You are going to her from NFL football players be very public about their faith in Jesus Christ.  It will encourage your walk with Christ to see these men demonstrate an unwavering trust in God.
  3. Your friend or family member might take that extra step closer to having faith in Jesus. (Of course, that means you brought someone with you:)  Think about it, your friend comes to church and has fun, they hear about Jesus from other NFL players, and then have some more fun playing football and having some hot dogs.  What if God uses all this activity to help your friend take a step closer to him?  How awesome is that!

Football Sunday matters simply because every life matters to God!


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