Sunday’s Message: I Want Justice to Be True


  • Christmas / Review series (Peace, Goodwill)
  • Today: I want justice to be true.
  • Wanting justice to be true is about being hungry
    • Racism, unrighteousness over righteousness, orphan and widow, bottom line vs. toe in the line, immorality disrupts, abuse, child mistreated, terrorism
    • We all hunger for justice! For the world to be right.
  • How can we bring justice (poverty, harsher jail terms, climate change, corrupt governments, oppression)
  • Believe it or not our world is doing more seeking justice than ever b4 <> but we still have all the issues
  • Will justice ever come to the earth?
  • Yes! In a babe, born in a mange, on a starry night.
    • “It is from the Lord that man gets justice.” Proverbs 29:26


  • Paul, the great theologian of the NT tells us how God brings justice through Jesus.
  • Romans 3:21-26
  • Background: Paul argues we all have fallen short of God’s plan for us. (sin) <>
    • Why is this important? Our sin demands God’s justice!
      • Holy, God is a consuming fire.
      • Fairness demands eternal punishment.
    • Honestly, we do not want God’s fairness/justice. We would all be consumed by fire.
  • 3:21, “Apart from the law”
    • The law demands God’s consuming fire, but God has revealed something new.
    • Righteousness apart from living up to some form of goodness.
  • 3:22
    • We cannot reach God through perfection.
    • Another way- Faith in Jesus Christ
      • Faith = assent + trust
    • Faith in Jesus means you no longer face God’s justice, but his grace.
      • Grace = unmerited favor
      • Verse 23-24 explains this concisely.
      • Read 3:23-24
    • 3:25- How did God do this in Jesus Christ?
      • “sacrifice of atonement” = 1 Gr. Word = propitiation + averting God’s wrath (consuming fire)
      • You avert God’s wrath because of faith in Jesus’ Christ shed blood.
      • Faith puts you in the prime position.
    • How could God do this cruelty to his son?
    • 3:25- To demonstrate his righteousness (not yours)
      • Other versions say “justice”
      • By displaying his wrath against sin on Jesus God is simultaneously demonstrating his justice and grace/mercy.
      • 25b: God withheld his full wrath against sin until Jesus (transcends time / divine)
    • 3:26
      • Through Jesus God is just and the justifier.
      • God is just because he has meted out the punishment required of our sin.
      • God is also the justifier, because Jesus, as fully God, shed his blood for our sin.
      • Therefore, God is able to forgive justly
    • God has brought justice into this world through Christ.
      • “It is from the Lord that man gets justice.” Proverbs 29:26
    • Conclusion: Instead making things right (which would be God’s wrath) God chose to do the right thing (give us Jesus). <>


  • What if Christians chose to follow God’s example? Do the right thing?
  • 2 Scriptures come to mind / They only make sense when you embrace the blood of Jesus
    • Romans 15:7: Accept others as Christ accepted you.
      • Jesus accepted you when you were unacceptable.
      • What if Christians really practiced what Paul commanded to do?
      • What if this was applied to racism? Community?
      • This about who offends you, falls short of you, and you chose to do the right thing because Jesus has already made everything right?
    • Colossians 3:13, “Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”
      • What if Christian spouses practiced this verse?
      • What if your family practiced this verse when you get together this holiday?
      • What if when were mistreated we practiced this verse of scripture?
      • What if Christians forgave Like Christ did we label as offensive to God? (By the way when Christians do this they often forget they are offensive to God!)
      • What if Christians, who claim to follow the radical life of Jesus, did the right thing because Jesus already made everything right on the cross.
    • This is not an easy teaching. In fact, sometimes Jesus would say not everyone could accept what he taught.
    • God has brought justice to the world by demonstrating his wrath on his Son Jesus for our sins.
    • Jesus dd not come to earth to be born and look cute. Jesus came to be beaten, bloodied, and murdered innocently for our sins.
    • By faith in him everything is made right, giving us the call to do the right thing.
      • “It is from the Lord that man gets justice.” Proverbs 29:26
    • What if we really trusted that God made everything right with Jesus and started doing the right thing? What would that look like?
    • Absolutely incredible.


Time of Commitment: Have you placed your faith in the blood of Jesus Christ?


PRAY (For people on the card and those thinking about accepting it)




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