I Want Peace to Be True

(Outline of Sunday’s message)


New Series / Legos ? Adult wishes, peace, goodwill, justice, truth

  • Angels, “Glory to God in the Highest, and earth peace, goodwill toward men.”
  • Bold Prediction: Has it come true?
    • San Bernardino, Ferguson, South Carolina, Iraq, Syria, home, workplace, Newspaper headline say Prayer is doing nothing.
    • Humankind has failed at peace
      • Every generation has a war or rumor of war
      • We try to take care of the cause <>
      • We place hope in the next generation
      • We think everyone can pursue personal dreams
    • Yet peace still alludes us.
  • The angels sang “Peace on Earth” not as a pipe dream, but because it came true.
    • Peace isn’t about what we do but whom we believe in.
    • I believe peace will be true because I believe in Jesus.
      • Cross, resurrection, the church, and the work of Christians
      • The good news is everyone can have peace on earth through Jesus.
    • I don’t just believe in who the angels sang about, but whom the angels sang about.
    • Let me tell you why.

Bible: Romans 5:1-2

  • Read Romans 5:1-2
    • Phrase in the middle, “We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
    • Why is this statement true?
  • We do not have peace with God.
    • Why? Each of us has the propensity to be the boss of our life.
      • This breaks our relationship with God.
    • Consequences- it breaks the peace
      • Fear of rejection, being ignored, harmed. Fear disrupts peace.
      • WE solve one problem and more pop up.  WE like to think we have it all together.  Frustration destroys peace.
      • Living in conflict is exhausting. Denial takes energy. Living in conflict is exhausting.  Denial takes energy.  Fighting destroys peace.
      • Failure to keep the peace. Never be as big and wise as God.
    • Not having peace with God breaks down peace in our life and world.
  • Most people avoid all of this through busyness (pursuits), use church for friendships and not for prayer or worship, alcohol, prescription drugs, relationship surfing, or follow as sport or hobby until it becomes a compulsion. Over involvement in church.
  • Good News! We don’t have to worry or fuss over all this.
    • We have peace with God through Jesus Christ.
    • The hostility between God and man is at the core of not having peace on earth today.
    • Good news is God has already brought peace!
    • “While we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled (restored) to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled (restored), shall we be saved through his life!” Romans 5:10 (NIV)
    • How are we restored to God?
  • “We have been justified by faith.” Romans 5:1
    • Justified = you have been declared innocent, even when you are not. <God>
    • Faith
      • Assent = Agreement with Jesus
      • Trust= Surrender your efforts and trust Jesus’ work on your behalf.
        • Baptism is an act of surrender.
      • We have peace with God through Christ because we are justified by faith. It’s not about what I believe in but whom I believe in.
    • Verse 2, More than a cessation of hostilities <>
      • “We have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, (2) through whom we have gained access by faith in which we now stand.”
      • Gained Access
        • Peace = Shalom = completes you, takes away insecurities, worries, what unsettles your soul. Peace beyond understanding.
      • Access: Our sin prevents us from access to God. Jesus gives us that access.
        • ILL: The VIP room.
      • The angels are right- there is peace on earth!
      • Verse 2, “And” (One sentence)
        • And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.”
        • What does this mean?
          • Hope >>> Future not revealed yet.
            • Day of the Lord- everything set to rights.
            • Wolf w Lamb / leopard w goat / calf w lion / infants hand w. viper /
            • Peace of the Lord covers the earth like the water covers the ocean.
            • And a little child will lead us, born in a manger, on a starry night.
            • We will know peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.
          • Boast = Claim
            • We claim this future of peace for ourselves.
            • ILL: Car when your 14, but yours at 16!


  • How do you claim and boast this peace with Jesus?
  • You claim the peace of God through faith.
  • You demonstrate the peace of God when you are baptized.
  • You honor the peace of God when you take communion.
  • You experience the peace of God through worship.
  • You strengthen the peace of God by hearing and living the Word of God.
  • You access the peace of when you pray.
  • You deepen the peace of God when you study the Bible.
  • You spread the peace of God when, as his ambassador, tell others about the peace of God through Jesus Christ.
  • Review

PRAY Don’t merely pray for the peace to come, but claim the peace that is coming n Jesus Christ.





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