Part 4 of Open: Follow Me as I Follow Christ


My dream is for every Christian to help someone have a life changing connection with Jesus

  • Review series / Paul /
  • Go Group = Follow Jesus
    • Jesus invited people to follow him b4 they believed in him <>
    • “Follow Me” was not a game of “Jesus says” but an invitation to a relationship
  • Me growing up in church
    • Cynical (room full of the Spirit)
    • High School- My game of Jesus says <>
      • Made me miserable (See other people doing it right)
      • Made me angry (cause I wouldn’t see other others playing that game)
    • Problem playing “Jesus says” – you never win.
  • If you could take away the TV preachers, books, Christian music and read Jesus’ story you see something remarkable- It is so relational, not a bunch of guidelines.
    • Jesus came so we can understand God
    • He gave highly relational pictures
      • Vine and the branch
      • Bread of Life
      • Shepherd and sheep (voice)
    • “Follow me” is not playing Jesus says. It’s entering into a life changing relationship with Jesus.
  • You don’t have to believe everything about Jesus to start following Jesus.
    • Go Group- He said “Follow me” over and over again.
    • Following Jesus was decidedly personal.


  • Peter, Matthew 4:18-20
    • Jesus says to Peter, “Follow Me.”
    • You see how the command was understood by how Peter responded.
    • How did Peter respond?
      • Did he ask, “What must I do to be saved? What commands? What’s your position on…?”
      • He simply got up and started walking with Jesus daily (relational)
      • Note: Peter didn’t respond by just dropping everything (Luke 5)
    • Later, we see Peter doing the same thing with Cornelius
      • Acts 10, Cornelius
      • “They asked Peter to stay with him for several days.” Acts 10:48
    • Mark (The Gospel is Peter’s acct. of Jesus’ life)
      • Peter calls Mark his Son. (I Peter)
      • We know from the book of Acts that Mark was a constant companion of Peter’s
      • After Peter died in Rome Mark went on to start a church in Alexandria, Egypt. Following the example of Peter.
    • You sit here today because Jesus said follow me to Peter, then Peter said follow me as I follow Christ to Cornelius and Mark. And today you sit here because of Cornelius. You have the Gospel of Mark because of this.
    • Notice it wasn’t about a playing Jesus says, but about having relationship with each other. <>
    • Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”
      • “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1  And again, “I urge you to imitate me.”  1 CR 4:16
      • “Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do.” PH 3:17
    • Helping someone become a Christian is so much more than getting someone to admit they are a sinner and getting them to sign off on some contract or set of new rules.
    • It’s about following, being n a great relationship with each other and with Jesus.
    • Jesus, Peter, Paul all said follow me as I follow Christ (relational)
      • Why can’t we, as Christ followers, do the same? 


  • Perhaps the first step is not church attendance, or playing Jesus, but merely inviting them to follow you as you follow Jesus.
    • Invite over for dinner, barbecue, friends, show the love of God
    • Out for lunch at work or coffee, or playing a game
    • Spiritual twist in your conversation
    • What if you shared your faith in the context of a caring relationship instead of some forced moment?
  • What if we followed Jesus example, Paul’s example and said follow me.
    • Peter and Paul were not perfect.
    • You will not be perfect either, that’s ok.
  • “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble (Notice the “follow” motif here), whether Jews, Greeks (non-Christians) or the church of God— even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved. Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 CR 10:31-11:1
  • What if we lived out this verse of scripture?
    • Our culture needs to see Christians worth following (not cliché or platitudes), marriages, singles, students,
    • Christians seeking the good of many
    • Xians who dare 2 say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”
  • Paul talked about sharing your story and your story has greater impact when you allow your story to interact with other people’s story and say, follow me as I follow Christ.



TIME OF COMMITMENT:            I invite you to follow me as I follow Christ.



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