The Principle of the Sparrow

Message outline from Sunday, October 25, 2015

A: Dialogue

  • Good morning / big series
  • Paul
  • Door- entryway
    • Home, bedroom, doors of opportunity
    • Bible > Door = great spiritual opportunity
      • “I stand at the door and knock.” Revelation 3:20
      • Paul- God opened a door to talk to others about Jesus. <Focus>
    • Paul
    • Problem: Church is not with open doors, but closed doors.
      • We are the body of Jesus (literally)
      • If Jesus stands at the door and knocks (meaning he left his house) should we not do the same?
      • If we are the body of Jesus then why are we not doing what Jesus is doing?

B1: Paul 

A1: Kirk

  • How do we get this from our head to the heart? <>
    • From something we need to do to something we gotta do?
    • Not out of guilt but out of God’s love in our heart?
  • The Principle of the Sparrow: You value others by adding Gods value to them.
    • Sparrow seen as the bird of least value.
    • Jesus said, “Are not five sparrows worth two pennies?” Luke 12:6
      • Common, cheap, not worth your time
    • APP: Who do you see as insignificant? (I know you think- no one!)
      • For too many churches the insignificant are people who do not go to church.
      • So churches exist to support what they like rather than minister to the community.
        • Unless it is someone we know.
        • We think, talk, pray about each other.
        • ILL: King’s Landing >> related to our vision.
      • Jesus followed up his question: “Yet not one of them is not forgotten by God.” Luke 12:6
        • The people we forget about, don’t think about, God has not forgotten anyone.
        • You can tell how much you value something by how much you are willing to give up to gain it.
          • God gave up his son for everyone.
          • Therefore: God made his church for everyone. !!! <>
        • APP: Principle of the Sparrow.
          • Take everyone you see <>, and add God’s value to them. <>
          • Everyone matters to God whether God matters to them or not. Andy Stanley
        • Church is not for church people. Church is a place for Christ followers to act like Jesus.
        • Review sparrow.

B2: Paul 

A2: Kirk

  • The next few weeks: Listen, Your story, God’s story.
  • Principle of the Sparrow to start.
  • APP: Look at people through the Gospel.
  • 1 Corinthians 15:1-8
    • He died, he was buried, He rose, he appeared, he lives.
  • The card
  • Review

Prayer / Time of Commitment


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