When is JUst as Importnat as Who or What (Paul’s Storm), Part 3 of Hurricane: Surviving the Storm


  • Northeaster / Today’s message!
  • Test Question: How do you decide who to listen to when you are in a tough circumstance?
    • <grid- pregnancy, divorce, moving>
    • Who do you listen to when you go through a storm?
  • Here is the deal: You know <> I’m going to say listen to Jesus.
    • The Question: When do you listen to the wisdom of Jesus?
    • ILL: My experience: Most people start to relay listen in the storm. <storms>
  • Paul: Coming, going, or about to enter a storm
    • What if you made the decision to listen to Jesus’ before the storm?
    • ILL: Premarital counseling vs. Marital Counseling
  • Navigating your storms successfully isn’t just about who you listen to, but when you listen to them.

WHAT: Pauls Storm

  • Two Characters: Juluis the Roman Centurion / Paul the Prisoner
    • Julius: Imperial Regiment <>
    • Paul: Prisoner for Christianity / Roman Citizen <>
  • Acts 27: Julius was kind to Paul
  • Sailing (Ancient Days)
    • First few verses are about al the little port cities they visited.
    • Traveling late fall (Day of Atonement) <hazardous>
  • Paul’s warning to Julius, ““Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous and bring great loss to ship and cargo, and to our own lives also.” Acts 27:10
  • Julius listens but he also listens to the owner, navigator, and crew. Who would you listen too? <>
    • Pheonix a safer harbor in winter then Fair Havens
  • APP: Advice B4 the storm, how many times have you ignored it?
    • If I only listened, parent, “Why didn’t you listen the firsttime?”
    • Someone had to pay a fine, get you out of rehab, quit, etc.
    • What if you listened before the storm?
  • APP: God’s advice in the Bible (follow it b4 the storm hits)
    • God’s advice b4 the storm doesn’t always sound the wisest. <>
    • Some of you bristeled at that stuff, but later you don’ Why?
  • Pheonix, Acts 27:13, “When a light wind began blowing from the south, they thought they could make it.”
    • APP: You thought you could manage the problem, him, debt, grief, etc..
  • Acts 27:14, , “But the weather changed abruptly, and a wind of typhoon strength (called a northeaster) burst across the island and blew us out to sea.”
    • Isn’t that how storms work? Thigs did not go as planned?
      • You are no longer in charge but at the mercy of the storm? Reaction / Survival
      • We’ll see, judge, she says, hope it turns out, <>
    • Acts 27:15-29, Describes the ferocity of the storm
      • 20: They gave up <ever feel like giving up? Marriage, kid, job>
      • 27: driven by the storm
        • Ever feel out of control in the storm- that it’s driving you?
        • Choices are limited.
        • ILL: Hurricane: “Prepare and then bend over and take it.”
          • Positive storms too: Children (change everything, my life is no longer mine)
        • Acts 27:21-22, “Men, you should have taken my advice not to sail from Crete; then you would have spared yourselves this damage and loss. But now I urge you to keep up your courage, because not one of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed.”
          • You should have listened to me! Don’t you hate that?
  • They start taking Paul’s advice
    • 30: Paul thwarts abandonment by some of the crew.
    • 33: Paul tells everyone to eat
    • Remember Julius is in charge, not Paul. <>
  • Happy Ending, “Everyone reached land safely.” Acts 27:44
  • If Julius had listened to Paul before the storm how different the experience would have been.
    • Same true with God
    • If we listen to God’s advice before the storm we will be able to weather the storms we face safely.


  • Why do we wait to listen to God’s advice when we are being driven by the storm?
    • Answer: We don’t like to be told what to do. <sinful nature>
      • God irrelevant, far away, unpractical (until the storm)
    • ILL: Culture of Entertainment that says follow your heart (experts) and not God< good times>
      • The other side of the equation not so much.
        • ILL: 5th grade teacher, counselor, rehab, parole officer
      • You get in this storm because you followed your heart and you cry out for help <>
        • We often cry out for help when the storm is driving you- lust, health, greed, alcohol, anger, bitterness, pleasure
          • Cry out for help about about lost time, hurt you, hurt others, mess, parents freak out about storms
        • We’re all hypocrites- all our boats crashed and broken apart cause we went our way
        • As a Xian you believe God is your heavenly Father, but just like you treat Dad on earth, you ignored his wisdom. <relationships, money, etc)
        • The Good News is God is love; when we come to God in our storm, even though we ignored him, he is still willing to step into our chaos <> Sent his Son
        • ILL: Electrician / apprenticeship; Doctor / residency; job / trained?
          • Learning wisdom on the front end is always better then learning too late.
        • When you listen is just as important who you listen to.
        • Listen to God’s wisdom, and when the storm comes you will be in Fair Havens. 


TIME OF COMMITMENT: Jesus endured the storm for you.       



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