What can $1 accomplish?

Dollar Club Logo

What if one dollar could make a difference in someone’s life? 

A single dollar will not get you very much.  Maybe a can of soda or a candy bar.  But now it can at C3.  A single dollar can have the power to radically impact families in need.  Introducing the Dollar Club.  On the last Sunday of each month, we want to encourage you and your children to give an extra dollar in addition to your regular giving.  Then, we are going to take that money. 100% of it, and give it generaously to help families in need.

These dollars that we give up can add up to help with medical expenses, purchase a handicapped accessible van, help with mortgage payments, fix cars for single Moms who need to transport their children, and more.  This simple idea can help ease some of the pain and misfortune people face everyday.  The best part of the Dollar Club is people will know that there is a group of people right here in Suffolk who they probably have never met that love them enough to want to help.  What can $1 get you?  Still not much.  But with our dollars put together we can change our community, one life at a time.


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