To gain the right attitude you must… (Job’s Storm) {Message Notes from Sunday’s Message}


  • Thanks to Paul and Adam / Talking about storms
  • In the middle of the storm, it’s easy to focus on the storm.
    • Hurting >> Pain; Marriage >> Bad habits (vs. habits that build up); Unhappy >> manipulative/Passive aggressive; Bills >> make money; Breaking up >> Move on; Insecurity >> analyzing
    • Issues around the problem: Pain focuses on you; live revolves around the problem; solve it; go away; conversation; google; share; doctor; alcoholism, prescription drugs, addictions, start cropping up to cope with the pain.
    • You’ve seen this in others: It’s all they talk about, they won’t leave, they can be rude; expect others to take care of them.
    • Pain causes our life to be skewed to –
    • You just want the problem solved, life back to normal; happy; dream
  • Hurricane: service the storm, the flood of emotions, The trees of life break and fall; your soul has a power outage; you need some medicine to sooth your injuries.
  • It can be easy to lose perspective.
    • ILL: Hurricane on the ground vs. from space. (There are ends to the hurricane.)
    • You can leverage this truth
  • Its the law of the Big Picture: When life seems all about your problem remember your problem is not all about you.


  • Job: Background > Successful
    • Lost business, children killed in a freak storm; health (Painful sores <>)
    • Job 3:24-26 (Has our soul been here?)
  • Job’s friends: Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar
    • They constantly talk about how Job is responsible <>
    • Job however says I have done nothing wrong <>
      • You: What have I done to deserve this?
  • The fourth Friend: Elihu
    • He listens to Job and friends / Stays in background
    • Job 32:2 <Angry / How?>
    • He became angry because Job justified himself rather than God (Focus of self)
      • Good guy, lust eyes, wicked, respect, life before affliction, blameless
      • Job 30:24, , “Surely no one lays a hand on a broken man when he cries in help for distress.”
    • Elihu does anyway!
      • Job 37:1-5, 11-17
      • Observation: In our self-centeredness we can have the propensity to mock God.
      • Friends about defending Job. Elihu was about defending God.
      • APP: In a storm be careful about justifying yourself (I don’t deserve this)
      • Don’t justify thumbing your nose to God and not seek his face.
    • God in the Storm
      • Job 38:1
        • Why did God speak fro the storm? To give Job the right perspective- the goldly perspective.
        • Law of the Big Picture: When life seems all about your problem remember your problem is not all about you- its about God. <>
      • Job 38:2- Ouch!
        • Job has no right to defend himself before God. <>
        • God is raising Job’s altitude to give him the right attitude. <beyond the clouds>
        • ILL: Parent to child- you too will learn.
        • Would you condemn God to justify yourself? <God’s fault? / God is no good ? Xian life not working out / God didn’t give me …? / Do we dare blame God for not getting out of the Y yet?)
  • Job’s reply, “Job 42:2-6.”
    • No thunder or lightning here.
    • God is in the storm not to get back at you to get you to notice him.
    • He speaks to you in the storm
    • When you do you gain altitude and a better attitude. <Better perspective, heart encouraged, eyes lifted>
  • When life seems all about your problem remember your problem is not all about you- its about God.


  • How can you gain altitude to get a better attitude?
    • Look up at the Big God. <>
    • Size up the situation. (flying into hurricanes>
      • Proactive stance to your problem.
      • Instead of throwing anger and neediness everywhere.
    • Line up prayer <church>
      • Hawley R. Everhart said, “It’s all right to aim high if you have plenty of ammunition.”
    • Call Up the Right Players (Job’s friends)
      • Surround yourself with Godly people.
    • Give Up your personal agenda.
      • God’s agenda comes first.
      • Humble yourself before God.
    • Step Up to a Higher Level: Get with God’s agenda.
      • To get a better attitude you gain altitude.
      • Anger, pride, hurt cloud up the picture.
      • We justify ourselves and not God (and that’s a shame… because)
    • Review:
      • When life seems all about your problem remember your problem is not all about you- its about God.
      • To gain the right attitude you need the right altitude.



            The right attitude begins by looking at Jesus lifted up on the cross.


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