Daniel and the Battle of the North and the South (Message Outline on Daniel 11)


  • Movies… “The End”
  • What at “the end” of your life? <>
    • Muslim: Jesus (prophet, ascended into heaven, did not die, waiting on Allah to send back & correct Xians, Mahdi to establish ne world order)
    • Bhudda, everything eventually will break apart and dissolve in cosmos
    • Secular- when you end you end, universe is shrinking
  • Christian > Resurrection
    • Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Baptized into it)
    • Day of Resurrection at the end
    • “A time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out—those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.” John 5:28-29
    • At the end of your movie you get to go home- to heaven.
  • Daniel >> Review >> CH. 10-12
    • Jeremiah’s advice: “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Yes, this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says.” Jeremiah 29:5-8.
    • Apply: Not fatalism (Emotional stubbornness), but hope (Jews in exile)
      • Empowered (America) vs. Oppressed
    • Today: CH 11
      • 1-39 (Fun Summary / Paper Wads / History- 500 years)
      • 40-45: Prophecy
    • Point of all this: With God the end is not the end.







Battle #1: Greece takes over Persia, Daniel 11:1-3

  • Alexander the Great (336-323 BCE)
  • After Greece came 4 Greek Kingdoms / 4 Generals / Seleucids (North /
  • Egypt was a power to the South (Ptolemy)

Battle #2: Revenge (250 BC), Daniel 11:5-7

  • Ptolemy II (South) offered his daughter Bernice to Antiochus II as an alliance.
  • Ptolemy demanded as part of the agreement that Antiochus divorce his current wife- he did.
  • His wife, Laodice, hated this and detested Bernice
  • 2 years later Ptolemy died and Antiochus quickly remarried Laodice and declared Bernice his concubine.
    • Soon after, Laodice poisoned Berenice, her son, and her entourage.
    • Meanwhile in Egypt Berenice’s brother becomes King of Egypt.
      • When he gets wind of this he invaded the North (Syria) to avenge his sister’s death.
      • He killed Laodice and beat up the nation.

Battle #3, The North attacks the South, Daniel 11:17-19

  • 60 years later (193 BC)
  • Antiochus the III attacked Egypt over and over again with success.
  • He did not attack Egypt proper though because he feared Rome
  • So Antiochus the II seeks a peace treaty with Egypt (South)
    • He sends Cleopatra (The famous Cleopatra (with Marc Antony) is Cleopatra VII, a distant relative)
    • Antiochus plan was for his daughter to ruin Egypt from the inside.
    • Instead, she sides with Egypt! His plan fails!




Battle #4: The North attacks the South again! Daniel 11:21-22

  • This is Antiochus the IV.
  • Egypt knows they are outnumbered and so they appeal to Rome.
  • Rome shows up with an order form the Senate for Antiochus to turn back.
  • Antiochus read the order with disgust and said he’d think about it.
  • The Roman General, Popilius, draws a circle in the dirt around Antiochus with a sword. He says Antiochus must make this decision before leaving the circle.
  • Humiliated, Antiochus returns to Jerusalem!
  • And thus the hated time of Antiochus the Madman began and his program to eradicate the Jewish faith from the face of the earth.

Battle #5: A Future Battle (Paper Wads!), Daniel 11:40-45

  • “At the end” <>
    • “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” Matthew 24:15-16
  • Anti-Christ > Revelation 13 (Beast), > 2 Thessalonians 2 (Man of Lawlessness)
    • Anti-Christ only mentioned 4 times in scripture,
    • 1 John 2:18 speaks of this, but also says there are many anti-christs, plus Daniel never says anti-Christ in this section.
    • It is here we get TV preachers talking about Russian invading Israel for the North and so on…
    • The point is this: Deception of believers. Political systems will be used by evil people to deceive and lure the people of God from the faith.
  • Wow! This is intended to encourage you! Remember who this is written too!
  • The chips are never down when you have a faith that keeps you looking up. In Christ your end is not the end- except death itself.
  • The point is at the end of the movie, as a Christian, you get to go home. <Exile>


  • ILL: Rope <>
    • The end is not the end. You go home!
    • In Christ your end is as far as east is from the west.
    • Grid (marriage, addiction, messed up, grief, regrets, ends financially, spiritually, sharing your faith, health) We have a different story!
  • I have a story to tell!
    • God who comes to rest on his people, sending Jesus, resurrected, future
  • I have a story to tell!
    • Your story never ends in defeat with Jesus!
    • Never in darkness, divisiveness,
  • I have a story to tell!
    • Daniel found courage in a lonely land!
    • David in Addulam, Moses in the desert- the backside of loneliness
    • I have a story about a God that meets you in the lonely place.
  • I have a story to tell!
    • Resurrection, of life after death, from hate to love, from rebellion to forgiveness, desert to ocen.
  • I have a story to tell!
    • Of men and women I’m giving up my old life for a better life!
    • Of God shattering thought pattersn that have held you captive!
    • Of a God telling to takes risks, to trust Him.
  • I have a sotry of risk to tell!
    • You are here because someone risked to tell you about Jesus.
    • This church is here…
    • You will have to do your part for the future!
  • I have a story to tell!
    • Noah, Lion’s Den, Fiery Furnace, Visions, but they had to risk
    • God took a risk to sacrifice Jesus- his Son.
  • I have story to tell!
    • That in Christ I go home at the end! In Christ the end is never the end!
    • Don’t tell me…. !
  • I have a story to tell!
    • With Jesus, it’s not about the location of your life but about the proclamation of your life.
    • There is a marriage that needs God proclaimed, loneliness needs God proclaimed, self-esteem, soul has been destoyed, Guilt running wild.
    • Our God is a liberating God! He is a Agod under control!
  • I love to tell the story, that the end is not my end. I go home!
    • God does not radically change your life, let you suffer hardships, place you at risk, put you in the fire, let you fear getting eaten alive, and walk away. Here is the deal with Daniel’s vision- God was already in your future.  God was already writing your story of victory in Christ.
    • Daniel 11 tells that God is our future. He can be your future!



  • What will happen at the end of your life? My hope is you will go home with Jesus.

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