What is a vision?

Phase II of the Dream Project is to construct a 5 year vision rough draft.  We will be presenting two rough drafts and after each presentation, we really desire your feedback.  During the month of August, we will be analyzing the data we have taken from your comments and with much prayer write the first rough draft and present on September 13th.

What is a vision?  A vision is not a mission.  Our church already has a mission.  We desire to be a church that connects people to God and the community.  This does not change.

A vision is what believe we can accomplish with Jesus at the center.  A vision is a preferred picture of what our church family will be like 5 years from now.  The vision is specific with a defining and timely goal (as in we will land on the moon in 10 years).  Great visions solve great problems as in Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls.  Visions from God always require what seems to us great risk, has profound obstacles to overcome, boundless faith, prodigious wisdom, and abundant prayer. A vision is too small if we can do it on our own and with no help from God.  A vision is too big if it is unattainable and crushes us more than it excites us.  Read the story of King Rehoboam if you want an example.  I’ve seen the early results and I like what God is saying through His people.  I can’t wait to see it put together and share it on September 13th!  Get ready C3!


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