The Dream Project: Phase I Complete

Phase I of the Dream Project is over and it was a success!  Like Ant-Man this summer completing Phase 2 of the Marvel Movies so too has first part of our Dream Project.

The goal of this first phase was to hear your dreams for Celebration for the next 5 years.  Over the last two months we have received e-mails, postcards, and heard from you is various meetings.  We heard all sorts of great ideas, dreams, and concerns about the obstacles we need to overcome.  It was awesome to listen to what God’s people had to say.  Our goal was to hear God’s voice from God’s people.

Starting this week phase II will begin- writing a rough draft of our 5-year dream.  We will present the first rough draft on September 13th.  The purpose of presenting the rough draft instead of just saying this is our vision is get your feedback.  Is there anything we need to adjust?  Did we miss something?  Is our dream God-sized?  Are we over reaching?  Is our dream too small and easy- where God doesn’t need to be involved at all to achieve it?  Then we will take it back for another rough draft, make the adjustments, and present it in October.  After this final feedback we will enter Phase III, the presentation of our vision for the next five years.  And in January we will begin our first campaign to achieve God’s dream for C3!

I’m excited and hopeful for what this project is going to do for our church and community.  More importantly, I can see the potential of God’s dream to grow us spiritually, to help us grow up in him, and to learn our God is greater than any dream we can imagine.


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