Daniel in A New Land: Message Outline for Daniel Ch. 1


  • Good morning / Dream / BYOB
  • Kickoff Daniel <book series>
  • When life is out of control, God is in control.
  • Daniel 1:1-2 <background / Use map>
    • Jehoiakim (2 Kings)
      • Review Kings (Saul, David, Solomon, Israel /Judah)
      • 2 Kings
        • Josiah (31 yrs, last good king)
          • Pharaoh Necho defeats Josiah @ end of reign
        • Jehoahaz (3 months / paid levies to Egypt)
      • Babylon comes in from the east (Nebby) defeats Egypt in the battle of Carcemish.
      • Nebby becomes King when Dad died.
        • Jehoiachin (3 months)
          • The exile- The rich (Daniel is taken)
          • 2 Kings 24:12-14
        • Zedekiah (puppet King)
      • Easy to believe God not n control anymore (Marduk)
      • Daniel 1:2, LORD not Yahweh but Adonai = ruler, in control


  • Daniel 1:6-7, Daniel trained for 3 yrs. / 14 yrs old
    • Daniel’s world radically changed! (900 miles from home, <>)
    • Some of you have stuff in common w/ Daniel
    • The food regimen @ school
      • Offensive / Consecrated, blood in the meat
    • Daniel 1:8
      • The first 12 yrs. Of his life his culture did not honor God at all.
      • He grew up in a war torn and strife ridden country
      • He also grew up privileged.
      • And yet he chose to follow God by saying no.
  • Essential Christian Skill: Saying “no”
    • Christian: You have to learn to say “no”
    • ILL: Toddlers
      • I did not like my child saying “no” to me.
      • But I like them saying “no” to unwise and stupid choices.
    • APP: Your heavenly Father is the same.
    • An essential of a strong Christian is the ability to say no. <sexual immorality, fear, falsehood, allowing my past to control me, bitterness, rage, greed, steal, cheating, worry>
    • “No” interrupts, changes, starts revolutions
      • ILL: Rosa Parks, Peter proclaiming Gospel,
      • No sets you apart, Fruit of the Spirit (self-discipline)
    • You say no because you know God in control.
  • The official protests / Test for 10 days / Success
  • Then God blessed Daniel
    • Was this the blessing Daniel wanted?
    • Don’t miss God’s blessing by looking for your own.
  • Daniel didn’t say no because of some future blessing (God never promised him that)
    • Daniel said no because because he got it that sin kills, rips apart, oppresses, and captivates.
    • When you sin God doesn’t back at you because sin already has enough of you.
  • Daniel 1:20 <Magicians>
  • Daniel 1:21, King Cyrus of Persia / 70 yrs later


  • You say “No” to sin because you are saying “yes” to God.
    • Your no’s are guided by what God wants you to do.
  • What is your sin? What do you need to be saying no too?
    • <pack up and move out, call home, Dad, Mom, wife, husband, job>
    • So no to sin because sin oppresses, kills, and complicates life
  • What do you need to say “Yes” to God about?
    • What command of Jesus? Follow me, fear not, dount not, etc)
    • Where are riding the fence? Satisfied? Vulnerable?
  • Review / Learn to say “no” to sin and yes to God because God is in control.

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