5 Things You Never See in a Successful Christian

  1. They never sacrifice holiness for instant gratification. Holiness is about picking up your cross and following Jesus, it’s not always about following your heart. Your heart often wants immediate resolution.  Holiness comes from following God over a lifetime, denying yourself, and walking with the Holy Spirit.
  2. They never let their fears get in the way of following Jesus commands. Following Jesus. I mean really trusting him with your life, is a scary proposition. Successful Christians face those fears and trust Jesus anyway.
  3. They never execute their faith without prayer. When you look at the life of Jesus and the early Christians you notice that they did nothing without earnest and specific prayers to a God that can give more than we can possibly imagine.
  4. They never allow their egos to control their values, actions, or goals. Instead, God’s word, his community of faith, and the Holy Spirit guide them.
  5. They never succumb to other people’s opinions or negative criticisms about them but rather concern themselves with God’s directives. While Christians need to be humble and able to receive constructive criticism, successful Christians succeed because they know the beliefs the Bible teaches and stand on them assured by their salvation in Christ Jesus. They are confident in their faith and are not tossed back and forth.  They do not lend themselves to doubts, fears, and defamation but rather choose to love their enemies and practice forgiveness in the same way Christ has forgiven them.

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