Our Dream- God’s Dream

This Sunday we will be kicking off our big summer plan: The Dream Project.

The goal of tDream Postcardhis project is simple: We want to hear God’s dream from God’s people.  Over the next three months the goal of the staff and the Elders is to listen to you, God’s people, and discern God’s dream for our church within the next five years.

After we have collected the dreams of God’s people we will discern with prayer what God wants us to do in the next five years.  Here is how it will play out over the summer and fall.

Phase 1: Hearing God’s people.  In June and July we will be listening to you and your dreams.

Phase 2: Discern God’s voice.  In August we will prayerfully discern everyone’s comments and seek God’s voice.  From this time we will write up a rough draft of what God wants us to accomplish in five years.

Phase 3: Presentation of first rough draft.  We will present the rough draft and get your feedback.

Phase 4: Present second rough draft.  Again we will receive your feedback and prayerfully revise.

Phase 5: (November) The final vision will be presented to the church.

Phase 6: (January 2016) The first campaign to achieve the vision will begin!

I’m looking forward to see God move through our people in a mighty way!



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