2 Reasons Fear is Robbing You of God’s Love

“We know and rely on God’s love.”  1 John 4:16

What so problematic with fear?  Author and bloggerCarey Nieuwhof writes it’s simple.  The problem is you cannot follow fear because fear doesn’t know where it is going and it doesn’t even know where it is not going.  You cannot know and rely on God’s love and be fearful.  There is the healthy fear of God that is the beginning of experiencing God’s love.  I’m not talking about that kind of fear.  I’m talking about the fear that come with change, with a new life, with behaving differently than you did before grace came into your life.

So how do you know is fear is short changing your knowledge and reliance on God’s love?

  1. You avoid knowing God’s grace because then you will be held accountable. Part of knowing God’s grace is knowing we need his grace.  This means you have to admit you don’t measure, you messed up, it might mean admitting and dealing with some issues you have long put away and the fear of dealing with that directly keeps God at arm’s length.  You don’t want to be held accountable for your actions.  Part of grace is taking responsibility for your sin and rejoicing in the knowledge that God died in your place anyway.  You don’t even like the brand of Christianity you are living and the kind of Christin you have become- but you stay there anyway.
  2. You quit relying on God’s love because you fear God will not come through with his promises. God gives many promises to those who rely on grace- but many of those promises are dependent on you acting in faith.  Grace is like receiving a new car.  With the car we have the promise of having the freedom to come and go when we want.  However, you don’t realize that promise until you actually get in the car, turn the key, and drive somewhere.  But what if you were fearful that when you turned the key the car would explode, or breakdown somewhere down the road, or that someone else would crash into you?  Knowing and relying on God’s love has the same effect.  It can set you free but if you are fearful to live the life of grace then you will shortchange God’s love for you.

See you Sunday!


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