My Notes from Paul’s Sermon this past Sunday


Saving and Investing

We give  when we are committed to the cause.  For example, the billion dollar Dallas Cowboys stadium or the 3 million dollar facility for LSU’s tiger mascot.  The church has something far greater to invest in- people’s eternity.  So, yes the church wants your money because our cause is greater and eternal.

The church also wants you to invest in people’s lives.  2 goals for today.  One, to sign up fora Go Group.  Secondly, to commit or recommit your life to Jesus Christ.

4 Ways Go Groups help you invest in people’s lives.

  1. Go Groups give you a place to belong.
  2. Go Groups help sharpen you.
    1. Proverbs 27:17
    2. You need friends who believe in you more than you believe in yourself.
  3. Go Groups help you heal.  James 5:16
    1. Brings sin into the light.
    2. It gives you accountability.  In terms of accountability we have the responsibility to go to the person we are accountable to, not the other way around.
    3. There is someone praying for you.
  4. Go Groups will help comfort you.
    1. Romans 12:15
    2. You cannot do this verse of scripture unless you are in relationships.

Conclusion: What cause are you invested in?


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