Life Giving Life Project Recap

Life Giving Life Logo 2

With the FEAST last night we have wrapped up our Life Giving Life Project.  Here is a quick rundown on what we accomplished this fall.

  • At the “For Kids” homeless center we did some much needed “deep” cleaning in the building. We also sprayed and cleaned off the vinyl exterior of the building.  Plus, we provided some much needed supplies for a one homeless family that was able to get moved into an apartment.
  • At the Western Tidewater Free Clinic we painted the walls of the facility to give it a fresh clean look. We also repaired some minor damage the building suffered due to a construction project next door.
  • The “Celebration U” Bible Study gave supplies to the family moving into the apartment mentioned above.
  • The “Marriage Mentoring” Group continued their preparations.
  • The “Underwear and Sweatpants” donations for elementary school nurses were donated to local schools.
  • Then last night, at the FEAST, everyone had a great time of eating and enjoying some fun in the word of God.

Thank you to everyone who helped C3 reach its vision of being a church that is a light in the community.


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