Sunday Reflex: Trusting You

Sunday Reflex 2

As we move forward in holding two services I have learned there is an essential ingredient for it work: Trust.  I’m not talking about you, the church family, trusting the leadership, but the leadership trusting you.

In order for us to move out on such a significant cultural change the leadership had to decide if they could trust the church on three key issues surrounding trust.  These three factors will continue to be important as we move forward.

First, we were able to trust you because you demonstrated character.  It’s hard to trust a group or a person who has slips I thier character.  The role of character has always been a key factor is the success of any church.  Every church has it’s flaws, but a church that cannot be trusted is lethal.  The biggest reason why we will reach out to others, share Jesus, and grow is not the latest and greatest preaching or the coolest worship set, but because we as a church family have integrity.

Secondly, as a church family proved your competency.  When you make the changes we have made this past year a lot of simple questions come up.  Questions like, “Will people show up at the earlier times?  Will anyone feel burned out?  How will people react to the changes?  How far are people willing to sacrifice for the mission of the church?” You have shown a high level of competency to embrace and excel at the changes.  This is encouraging because  as we move forward to reach out to Suffolk and beyond.

Thirdly, you have upheld your connections.  One of the big issues of a church family going from one service to two services is the feeling of losing connections as people go to different services.  We have not had that issue here because you all have personally done a good job of connecting with another through various means.

If we are a normal church we will not see fruit begin to grow from our endeavor until we are about 6 months into the changes.  Going to two services is a big shift in how we do church but we will be successful because we have the character and vision and a mighty God to see it through.


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