Join the Feast!!

Feast Color

People in the Bible knew how to throw a party.

When there was a marriage, the celebration of the wedding would last up to seven days.  They would celebrate the weaning of a child and even the simple arrival or departure of guests.

In the book of Esther the King of Persia throws a nationwide party for six weeks to find a new queen.  King Solomon once threw a party just because he had a dream he liked.  Sometimes the Jews had a feast for no other reason than they were happy.  In fact, the Israelites liked to feast and party so much that one of the punishments God meted was to stop the different feasts and holiday festivities.

On November 16th at 6:30 PM we plan to carry on the tradition of having a feast.  It will be the Y and everyone is welcome!  We will be providing the meat (Ham) and we are asking everyone to bring one side and a desert to share.  We will also have activities for the children.

Another tradition of feasts and celebrations in the Bible is the reading of God’s word.  Back then, people did not have their own copy of the scriptures.  All the copies were kept in the temple and it was quite the occasion to have the sacred word brought out read to everyone.

We are going to keep that tradition on our feast by having a 30 minute interactive Bible experience.  This will not be a sermon.  This will be an active, hands on, imaginative, thought provoking experience.  It is not your ordinary Bible study.

Come feast with us.  It’s going to be a good time!


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