What Cheerios taught me about Moving to Two Services

Have you ever paid attention to the cereal aisle in your local market?  I mean there are all kinds of different cereals- that is obvious.  What I just noticed the other day was all the different kinds of verities of cereal under one brand.

Take Cheerio’s for instance.  The normal brand is a yellow box and it’s just a plain oat cereal in the shape of an “o.”  Beside that box though is Honey Nut Cheerios, then you have Multi-grain Cheerios, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, Banana Nut, Protein, Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch, Fruity Cheerios, Oat Cluster Cheerios Crunch, Yogurt Burst, and even Dulce de Luche Cheerios.  What taste is that variety?  I don’t know.

Why so many different varieties of Cheerios.  I bet the main brand is good enough.  It most likely is still the best seller.  So if the one brand is good enough why all the different kinds of Cheerios?

The answer is simple.  We Americans like options.  That’s we still don’t drive Model T’s anymore.  We like options.

Then it hit me.  This is the power of two services.  Often, the common thought of a church going to two services is when the church is full, but I think there is a more powerful reason.  We need to provide options for people to come and worship and we need to do this for a variety of reason.  Some people may need to go to work, or have sports activities, or family get together and having the early service gives them a chance to come and worship.  Others come because they like the atmosphere over one service from another.

Cheerios and other brands realize the power in providing options. It works in our culture in selling stuff.  This principle can be leveraged by churches too to reach more people for Christ.


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