Worship Reflex: 7 Promises We Make to C3’s Volunteers

Worship Reflex- Spring


Yesterday we honored our volunteers here at C3!  Without our volunteers our church would not be a church!


A day after that honor I want to share 7 promises our church leadership and staff makes to all of our volunteers.

  1. Your Time Will Mean Something. If you volunteer here, your time will be invested, not wasted. At the end of the day, you’ll know you met a significant need and that if it weren’t for your sacrifice, that need would have gone unmet. We won’t tie you up recording minutes for a pointless meeting. Instead, we’ll actually have you serving someone.
  2. Your Family Will Come First. We won’t have you at the church more nights of the week than you’re at home, and your spouse won’t think you’ve left them for the church. This is especially needful in the case of a volunteer with a spouse who isn’t a believer. Having volunteers with strong families is better for the church’s growth than having volunteers whose homes are stressed because of us.
  3. You’ll Be Free to Lead. You will be able to make decisions. We’re here to help guide you in the right direction, but you won’t have to complete any forms in triplicate and have the entire church body vote to buy a chalkboard for your classroom. And, you’ll be free to lead people around you, always mentoring the next generation of volunteers.
  4. You’ll Be Encouraged to Rest. If you need a break, we won’t treat you as though you’ve gone AWOL. We’ll understand that everyone needs rest to be effective long term. We will ask you to serve for a set length of time and then offer you a chance to take a break.
  5. We’ll Help You Serve According to How God Made You. God has granted all of us spiritual gifts, a heart, abilities, passions, and experiences, and we’re here to help you find the best spot in the kingdom to serve. We’ll even let you move around and try different things until you find the spot for which God has uniquely equipped you.
  6. We Will Celebrate Your Accomplishments. Heaven throws a party when someone gets saved, so we will join that party and recognize every contribution you make to expanding heaven’s population. That doesn’t mean we’ll hand out buttons and pins. It just means that we will always acknowledge and appreciate your time, realizing how valuable it is.
  7. We Will Always See You As the Hero. There is no such thing as someone being “just a volunteer.” Instead, volunteers are the heroes. We who are on staff are on staff because of our passion for ministry, but we’re also compensated for the time we spend leading. What we really celebrate the most is the contribution of someone who expects no compensation (here on earth anyway).

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