Make Life Better: Live It or Leave It

Make Life Better. Love it or Leave it

There is a world of difference between truly standing for something and being able to quote Bible verses saying you stand for something.  You know the type, those Christians who love to badger others about unconditional love but refuse to practice it themselves.  The result is Christians come across phony and disconnected from reality.

Imagine standing in a church.  It’s tattered.  The carpet is torn.  The room is cold.  There’s no one there to greet you or inform you.  And then you see a tattered bulletin with some clip art pinned to the bulletin board.  On it is the church’s mission statement.

“We are committed to the great commandment (to love God and love others) and the great commission (taking that love all over the world) because this makes a great church.”

It then drones on after that talking about all these programs and ministries of the church.  You sit there reading this and you look around the lonely church, “I don’t think they really do this stuff.”  There is a clear disconnection between what’s written on the paper and the reality of the church body.

It’s like you are on hold and a recorded voice comes on telling you how much the church values your presence and how much God loves you.  Really?  Doesn’t seem like that’s the truth.  Don’t let your church offer this kind of experience.

Or you could just say nothing.  You could just move onto something better.  But don’t give into that automated voice that’s telling you how much you care about “me.”  You could let Christians to continue to be like robots.  You know the difference between a robot that’s merely programmed to say pleasantries and the real thing.  With that knowledge alone you can make a difference.

Standing for something isn’t just about reading and writing it down.  It’s about believing in it and living it.


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