Worship Reflex: An Insecurity about Heaven

Worship Reflections Summer 14

I don’t have insecurity about heaven in the sense I have a chance of not being there when I die.  Quite the contrary, my confidence about my future after this earth does not rest on how good I am, but on how good Christ was for me on the cross.  I’m his child and I will be with him!

My insecurity stems more on teaching and preaching about heaven.  The problem I have is there is no one passage of scripture that says, “This is what happens when you die.”   Now we have many scriptures that talk about and define what happens after we die, but it’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle in the sense all these references are scattered throughout scripture.

So in order to properly teach on “what happens after you die” scripturally is to carefully study these different scriptures and then put together the cohesive picture from the sum of its parts.  In the scholarly world this is called systematic theology. Systematic theology is the good and right practice of developing a system of thought based on the totality of scriptural teaching.  You may have heard of the different systems of understanding scripture- Calvinism, Armenianism, Catholicism, to name a few.

I believe inherit in systematic theology is the problem of me- tainted by sin- seeking to logically put together a system of understanding scripture.  For me to definitely say this is the absolute correct system is scary because the system is based on man’s judgment which can be affected by the age they live, their life stage, education, government, world view, and more.  For example, in the days of Augustine making the Old Testament a grand allegory for everything in Jesus’ life was popular.  That is a system of understanding the Old Testament that is no longer used now.

This is where my uneasiness comes in because talking about what happens when you die- while the scripture talks about it- demands developing some system of understanding all the different scriptures written on the subject- and that’s when I fear my sinfulness gets in the way.

So, what I want to let you know in this blog post that while I told you what the scriptures say about what happens when you die, understand that I’m looking through a dark glass on the subject, and I cannot wait until the day I see clearly in heaven.  For that promise I know is true- that whoever believes on Jesus Christ, shall not die, but have everlasting life!



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